Here’s a before photo – car was painted black by previous owner, not a bad job considering it was done with spray paint. I’m sure it looked much better than peeling 18 year old paint which was starting to look more pink than red.]

Before Photo

Oil Leaks

We have also started doing some work on the car… Degreasing the engine to pinpoint an oil leak that we believe is from the valve cover gasket, and replacing 2 oil soaked oil cooler lines.

The radiator got nicked in the process of doing all this and has been removed and repaired and repainted.

It needs to be pressurized and flushed out and checked for leaks. After that if all goes well, it will be refilled and reinstalled and I’ll be able to drive the little car next week while my Civic gets an oil change.

Note the very ugly air cleaner cover in the lower left – picture soon of the restoration and paint job!

The car has also developed an exhaust leak but the guru insists that can be repaired by welding, and not replacing the entire system with a brand new Honda exhaust (like I wanted to do).

We’ve also made a Wish List and ordered about $600 worth of parts. Some parts are already started to be “discontinued” which is discouraging so we decided to order now while we can still get most of what we need.

Premature Paint (July 26th)
We bought paint! The parts store was able to use the paint code – R38M – and I now have a big can of a lovely shade of dark red (which SOME people insist on calling orange – just to drive me crazy!).

We are a long ways from needing paint unfortunately. First the existing paint needs to come off, the rust holes repaired and any other surprises dealt with, like dents in the driver’s side fender and door.

Radiator Repair and Cleanup 

After 3 attempts to fix the leak the solder finally took and we have a leak free radiator once again. Its been flushed out, sanded and repainted and reinstalled in the car.

The radiator looks SO nice it prompted the removal of the air cleaner cover for clean up and paint and then once that was done and looked SO nice I just HAD to remove the bottom part of the air cleaner holder.

Little did I know! There are many vacuum lines that connect up underneath that area of the car (which makes sense if you think about it) but I had no idea what I was getting into. Fortuneately I have my very own “expert” to help or I would be totally lost.

Well, the good news is that now the air cleaner cover and bottom has been cleaned, sanded and painted. The top in black, the bottom in gray.