Honda Facts that You Can Share with Potential Buyers

As a sales manager in a Honda car showroom, you need to step up your game from minimal knowledge about the cars on display to a complete dictionary about the company. Honda has a huge history behind its making, which also carries events from World War II when Soichiro Honda has to sell the remains of his newly formed company to Toyota. Later in 1946, he started founded Honda Technical Research Institute to build and sell motorbikes. Today, Honda is one of the leading automobile brands in the world. Here are some of the facts that a Honda sales manager can add to his or her knowledge for their next sale.

Honda was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in 1964

As Honda started building motorized bicycles after the world war, they focused on building quality motorbikes. It all started with a team of twelve men and Soichiro Honda himself.

Honda has manufacturing facilities in America

Even though Honda is a Japanese company, most of its manufacturing facilities are located in America.In fact, Honda manufacturers most of its automobile components in America to eliminate the process of shipping. Honda was the first foreign vehicle manufacturer in the U.S. and established their first plant in Ohio in 1982.

Honda is an innovation hub

Although Honda mostly advertises only their cars and motorcycles, they have been involved in several innovative technologies to create powerful machines such as watercraft, ATVs, aircraft. They have also made lawn equipment as well as solar cells. Another major invention by Honda is its humanoid robot called ASIMO.

Honda exports soybeans

Honda has been importing soybeans from the U.S. to Japan since 1986. When they first established themselves in Ohio, they found soybeans in ample, and Japan had a huge market for it. So they invested in the business online sportsbook betting malaysia and still are one of the biggest exporters of soybeans.

Honda is the king of Indy 500

The powerful and high-performance engines made by Honda have won more Indy 500 titles than any other manufacturer. Honda takes pride in making the most efficient and smooth-running engines which deliver the power required to win the races.

Honda is the largest engine manufacturer

Honda makes more than 140 million engines every year, exporting them to major countries, including the UK, Germany, Australia, India, and China. It is currently the largest engine manufacturer in the world.

Honda was the first company to use V-tech engines

V-tech engines were one of the biggest milestones in the history of engine manufacturing, and Honda made it possible. It was a technology which is incompetent till date and many other manufacturers also follow the steps of Honda till date. Honda introduced the V-tech engines to the world by applying it to their cars.

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